At V3, we deliver advance online growth strategies to Global Universities.

Using revolutionary proactive, predictive, precise change leadership mindset to senior leaders in the higher education digital online marketplace. We predominantly engage under nondisclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality. As part of our offering, we have to deliver change leadership and problem-solving for short, medium, and long-term engagements covering corporate leadership, finance, strategic marketing, and international entry offerings in the marketplace. We are dedicated to changing higher education and serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Since 2006, V3 has been involved in international trade, multiple change management, strategic re-positioning events, covering all next-generation aspects, such as but not limited to; artificial intelligence, genomics, medical imaging, and advanced theoretical concepts. Always at the cutting edge of digital education, flipped classrooms,s and artificial intelligence in education. 

Dr. Paul A. Markham, MBA Founder and Principal

Online Education Simplified 

Futureproofing, simplification, and every aspect, attribute, strategy, and tactic is focused on the following aspects;​

  • Predictive 

  • Proactive 

  • Precision